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Tune in to my radio show, Alternative Visions, on the Progressive Radio Network, PRN.FM, on wednesday, May 29, 2pm eastern, when I will be interviewing two guests, Jerry Gordon and Alan Benjamin, two long time union representatives and activists, who last week helped organized a new nationwide ‘Labor FightBack Network’, launched at a founding conference at Rutgers Univ. in New Jersey. We’ll discuss the conference, the network, and future activities planned by this new group. (Access the show, or archive after wednesday, from the icon on this blog’s sidebar, or from my website, http://www.kyklosproductions.com similar icon on its sidebar).


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Two Announcements for Readers of this Blog:

1. Dr. Rasmus’ new book, OBAMA’s ECONOMY: RECOVERY FOR THE FEW, can be purchased now bundled with a 1.5 hour video presentation on the book and the US economy on DVD. The DVD includes an integrated 66 slide powerpoint slideshow and a separate access to the slideshow as well. All 3 item–book, DVD, and slideshow–are now available at discount for $35.00 plus shipping. Buy through Paypal by clicking on the book-DVD icon on the right hand sidebar of this blog.

2. Dr. Rasmus will be the host of a new radio show, ALTERNATIVE VISIONS, that will begin on wednesday, September 19, at 2pm New York time, and every wednesday thereafter, on the Progressive Radio Network online at PRN.FM. Past shows will be archived there and on Dr. Rasmus’ own website: http://www.kyklosproductions.com. The first show will discuss ‘OBAMA vs. ROMNEY ECONOMIC PROGRAMS in detail.

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