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Tune in to my radio show, Alternative Visions, on the Progressive Radio Network, PRN.FM, on wednesday, May 29, 2pm eastern, when I will be interviewing two guests, Jerry Gordon and Alan Benjamin, two long time union representatives and activists, who last week helped organized a new nationwide ‘Labor FightBack Network’, launched at a founding conference at Rutgers Univ. in New Jersey. We’ll discuss the conference, the network, and future activities planned by this new group. (Access the show, or archive after wednesday, from the icon on this blog’s sidebar, or from my website, http://www.kyklosproductions.com similar icon on its sidebar).

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Listen to my radio show, Alternative Visions, on PRN.FM, the progressive radio network, wednesday 2pm eastern time, when I discuss with Ellen Brown the Public Banking Solution to the economic crisis in the US. Ellen and I discuss the history of public banking initiatives, as well as recently revealed plans by the US and UK governments to prepare to use average depositors’ savings in banks to bail out banks in the next crisis. Already employed in Cyprus and publicly considered in the Eurozone, the US and UK are making similar preparations, it appears.

The global financial system has not stabilized. The Federal Reserve in the US and other central banks continue to pump hundreds of billions monthly, and tens of trillions of dollars, pounds, euros and yen into their economies. The outcome has been mostly to fuel new speculative financial bubbles in stocks, junk bonds, land prices, currencies and derivatives. The next banking crisis will prove far worse than 2008-09. ‘Bail ins’ (i.e. taking depositors’ savings and converting them to worthless bank stock) is being considered as potential options by government and bankers alike to bail out the banks again.

Ellen and I discuss as well the recent initiative to reduce student loan rates to 0.75% instead of current 6.8% as a solution to the growing student debt crisis. Ellen’s new forthcoming book, ‘The Public Banking Solution’ is also a topic of discussion.

Introducing the show, I once again discuss the latest in deficit cutting maneuvers in the US, and specifically the latest refusal by Apple Computer to pay any taxes on $126 billion in offshore profits. How is Apple’s tax avoidance maneuvers related to the deficit issue in the US? Listen in and find out.

The show is archived and downloadable at: http://prn.fm/shows/political-shows/alternative-visions/#axzz2U5Yreaoh

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