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Tune in to my weekly radio show, ‘ALTERNATIVE VISIONS’, on the progressive radio network, this coming wednesday, February 27, 2pm New York time, where I’ll be discussing why there will be no ‘deal’ on the $85 billion in sequestered spending cuts by March 1. The cuts will go through, at least initially, resulting in more downward pressure on an already faltering US economy. Why no deal this time, when a deal was made on January 1 on the Bush tax cut extensions? What’s the role of the Business Roundtable and CEOs this time around and why is it different from January 1? What will it mean for the US economy if the cuts go through? Tune in to my show on the Progressive Radio Network at 2pm eastern time at http://prn.fm/shows/political-shows/alternative-visions/#axzz2LtaOGer1.


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