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I have just recently set up a twitter account, on which I will be posting daily choice quotes about the economy and related events that you might find interesting. You can ‘follow me’ from this blog by selecting the twitter button on the upper right hand corner of the main blogpage.

Here’s some tweets of the past two days on the presidential debate last wednesday and the recent jobs report on friday:

“Big corps sit on $2.5 trillion cash. Big banks another $1.7 trillion. Multinationals $1.4 trillion. They need more tax cuts to create jobs?”

(Quote by Obama during the presidential debate): “We both (Romney-Obama) agree corp taxes are too high” (Corp tax 2010: 12.1% of profits. Ave Corp Tax rate 1987-2008: 25.6%)

Two initial tweets on the recent presidential debate:

‘Neither candidate showed up. Romney sent his stand in who said the opposite and Obama sent an empty suit’

‘Romney pushed Obama around the ring while Obama politely jabbed and referee Lehrer failed to enforce the rules’

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