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Readers of this blog are invited to tune into my coming Wednesday, October 24, radio show, ‘Alternative Visions’, to listen to an important discussion between myself, Dr. Jack Rasmus, host of the weekly show, and my guests from the National Nurses United union. We’ll be discussing the coming attacks on the Medicare program in the US.

The show may be listened to live (and archived) on wednesdays, 2pm, New York time, online at PRN.FM (Progressive Radio Network). It may also be accessed from my blog page, jackrasmus.com, and website, http://www..kyklosproductions.com.

The following announces the topics and guests:

The following is for posting announcing this coming Wednesday (Oct 24) Alternative Visions radio show:

“This Wednesday Dr. Jack Rasmus will welcome guests from National Nurses United. The show topic will be the coming attacks on Medicare-Medicaid that will follow the November national elections. The discussion will raise questions, Is there really a Medicare crisis? How can Medicare be defended and expanded right now? How has Romney’s Massachusetts ‘Romneycare’ program really performed? What are the problems with ‘Obamacare’. How have Insurance companies and hospitals been exploiting the transition in 2012-13 to Obamacare? What’s ‘Medicare for All’?

Joining Dr. Rasmus will be Sandy Eaton and Donna Smith. Sandy is a retired RN with the Quincy Medical Center in Massachusetts, a member of the Board of Directors for the Massachusetts Nurses Association, affiliated with the union, National Nurses United, NNU, AFLCIO. Sandy is also a former chair of the Legislative Council of the NNU, a member of the national Steering Committee for the Labor Campaign for Single Payer Healthcare, and editor of the ‘Seachange Bulletin” addressing healthcare and labor issues. Donna Smith is a community organizer and legislative advocate for the National Nurses United and author of many essays on the healthcare crisis in America. Donna has appeared on the Bill Moyers show, in Michael Moore’s 2007 documentary film, SICKO, and on many national broadcasts and radio shows.”

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